The extra components you need!

Bringing it all together so your clients have a great online experience. While not the Major Feature engines that run things, these Minor Site Features are the essential connectors and integrators which put everything together

Shop Integration with Community Platform

Integration of site-wide commerce component with social media component, to enable basket, cart, order review, account details, billing and shipping information within user profiles

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Get your site in top shape for Google with proper descriptions, titles and targeted content writing, including SEO features for Google News, Google Analytics and Facebook pixel.
From custom sitemaps and expert metadata, to adding important Structured Data to your articles, we will ensure your site gets noticed in all the right ways.

Advanced Post Display

Provide your users with enhanced layout and presentation of your valued posts across multiple categories and tags at the same time. Allows for more options to make sure your articles and blog posts look super!

Front-End Editor for User Posts

Allow users to edit and post their own articles within the normal website interface

Enhanced Profile/Group Menus and Pages

Include your important Site Content directly within both user and group profiles, with custom menus and submenus.

Custom Member Levels

Adds ability to easily create and manage member types with Admin Access for Client Sites using membership and/or social media engines.

Subscription Newsletters

Get the word out to your valued clients with subscription newsletters. Using your existing client base, or imported from another list, you can send newsletters from you site. With a custom template based on your site logo and colours included!

Crypto Checkout

Accept crypto currency payments in your webshop with no middleman or transaction fees. Payments go directly from the customer to any wallet you choose. Accept 110+ coins including Bitcoin and Ethereum, with 0% transaction fees.

Payments go directly from the customer to you

Use any crypto wallet you want

Hierarchically deterministic (HD) wallet support

Metamask Login

Add the capability to log in with cryptocurrency wallets such as MetaMask for Ethereum, and wallets that support WalletConnect QR code. Adds a button to your website login screen that will let users securely log in with their crypto wallet.
In the background, a regular user account is created, so existing plugins and customizations will have no problem working along.

Enhanced Privacy and Cookie Policies

Tailored to be suitable for app store and in-line with all current regulations, across EU, UK, USA and California.

Includes 1 year of updates as the regulations and laws change in the main jurisdictions, to help your site comply with GDPR and similar legislation. Hanco does not offer legal advice and you must consult qualified legal advice prior to publishing any policies.

Advanced Mass Mail Tracking

A supplement to our Mass Mail Sending Major Site Feature, this adds the enhanced ability to track and manage mail campaigns.

Premium Membership Engine Add-Ons

Installation, configuration and integration of custom add-ons to the Premium Membership Engine to enable core functions including homepage redirection, customised check-out solutions, automatic addition to groups, default profile for new members, and many more.

Domain - UK

Add a or similar domain for your existing site with Hanco!

Video Uploading

Up to 5GB uploads of your premium videos each month, with fast streaming servers provided by Vimeo. Full integration into your pages, posts and articles for a seamless end-user experience!

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