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Keep an eye on cybersecurity incidents, alerts and your vulnerabilities!

Asset Management

Scan and facilitate the continuous identification of assets connected to the network. Our HancoShield asset management will enable you to easily keep track of changes and access to your assets.

Identify Network resources and servers and any device connected to the network.

Our HancoShield™ Enterprise Suite

Our HancoShield Enterprise solution is designed for medium to large companies, and includes the complete suite of our HancoShield services all-in-one!

Our range covers a vast majority of security and network solutions such as vulnerability assessments (active and passive vulnerability scanners for early detection, with of the box reports for compliance audits) to gauging how well your network security functions.

We will keep track of your threats and report in any way you choose. We have Security information and event management. Collect, store and correlate log data, and use in compliance reports.

Monitor almost any cloud environment or SaaS application with ready to use Integrations.

Furthermore, our security involves dark web monitoring to ensure you know if your data is threatened on forums within the TOR browser.

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Our HancoShield™ SME Starter pack

Make sure your systems are compliant with our Hanco Compliance feature, protect your endpoints with our Endpoint Protection, and don't miss out on the Dark Web monitoring -- a must for any small business trying to defend against their valuable client data leaking to third parties.

Only available to firms with fewer than 20 users.

Starting from
€229.00 Setup
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Log Management (SIEM)

We will record, store and correlate your vital log data, which will be presented in important compliance reports.

Log Management is essential in the post Covid-19 economy, with businesses eager to proceed with daily tasks, logs will increase and they will need to be managed securely. We will do this for a very low price compared to the market.

Vulnerability Scanning and Reporting

We even include convenient ready-made reports for your compliance audits!

The vulnerability scanner can detect known and unknown vulnerabilities in the network.

Knowing your weaknesses will keep your network safe. We endeavour to complete your full report within 30 days, time-frames may vary depending on network size.

Vulnerability Assessment

Our Vulnerability Assessment means you will be working with one of our experienced IT technical auditors, which gives our firm the ability to thoroughly analyse the findings in our review in conjunction with your internal IT personnel or with your external network services provider.

Furthermore, we also filter false positives or errors stemming from our automatized tools before providing you with the final report; which puts us ahead of the many other service providing firms that have the tendency to force the burden of filtering all the false positives onto your organizations’ security personnel.

Full-scale Scanning, Testing and Reporting

Our signature Hanco Cybershield™ Penetration Testing will find out how someone might get in to your network, while we will also perform in-depth vulnerability testing in one cost-effective solution.

Hanco is Here to investigate your vulnerabilities, and we do not believe it should be that expensive to see if your systems are hackable.

Knowing your weaknesses will keep your network safe. We endeavour to complete your Full-scale Scan and Test report within 30 days; time-frames may vary depending on network size.

Incident Response

We isolate the host, kill the processes, logoff and block users or IPs and much more.

You see an alert and confirm that a server has been compromised. You or the SOC team decide to isolate the host from the network and lock down the computer for forensic analysis. Time is key and this should be accomplished ASAP before the Cryptoware spreads through the network.

Hanco Compliance Package

Our Hanco CyberShield™ Compliance Package will outfit you with GPDR, GLBA, HIPAA, SOC and ISO compliance reports and dashboards, so you can keep track of your progress in complying with the various laws and rules.

Gap Assessments, SOC 2 Type 1, and SOC 2 Type 2 with full reporting.

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